Dita Von Teese Hair Roll Tutorial

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The fabulously glamorous, Dita Von Teese, has included her own tutorial for her version of this look in her book, Your Beauty Mark. However, my hair is personally too short to do this look the way that she instructed. I also have my Bettie Bangs to complicate things. So I took what I know from her version, and through other tutorials to create my own way of doing things.

Dita Von Teese sporting this fabulous style.

The models for her lingerie line also wearing a variation of this style. So Chic!

I start the look with my hair thoroughly brushed out. I've done this look with both freshly washed hair and 2nd or 3rd day hair. I feel it's easier to obtain if your hair isn't super clean. I have to use a hair donut to create this look since my hair is shorter, but I can see where it would make it easier for long hair as well. You want to get one that matches your hair color well, so it doesn't show through as easily.

I brush my bangs back and criss cross the bobby pins for extra hold. you can do this look with your bangs down as well, but I like mine up better for the full effect. It also helps to spray them back for more security and taming the fly aways.

I then brush my hair taught to the top of my head. Make sure that the hair is as smooth as you can get it brushing up. I have some short hairs that usually fall loose, but if that happens I can fix it later. Grab the hair into a section at the top of your head while brushing.

Then I roll the donut down with the smoother side on the top. it usually holds pretty well with the elastic. Try to place it close to where you want it to be.

Take your hair and try to diffuse it around the donut, making sure you can't see much of it through. I feel it helps to tease the hair a little bit first in little sections, under the direction of where you want it to lay. then smooth it out over the top.

Once you have it nice and smooth, time for pinning! You can pin right into the donut too. position it while you pin to make sure the shape is exactly where you want it. Try to make sure none of the donut is showing through!

Spray down the roll and the rest of your hair. It helps me to spray and then brush my hands over it in the direction you want the hair to go to get rid of fly aways and those shorter hairs that like to fall. If you have a really difficult time with them, just pin them in place! Add your favorite hair accessory and perfection! I hope you have a good idea of how to recreate this glamorous look on your own! xo

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