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The Vintage Hair "Welcome Kit"

Updated: May 26, 2023

Are you just getting into vintage hair and don't exactly know where to start? I get a lot of clients in the salon who come to me with this exact feeling. Luckily, over the years I have gathered some resources that I typically like to recommend to those just sparking their interests in vintage hair and have organized it into this list!

1.Check out the book Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells

From tool recommendations, ways to set and actual step by step guides, this book dives into EVERYTHING! The new third edition is the best so far, with new tutorials that were not included in the earlier books. To instill your confidence even further, I actually learned A LOT from her books when I was just starting out as a hairstylist. I own this book and still refer to it when I feel like I need a fresh mindset on styling.

2. Actually, just check out everything on

This website is a great resource for vintage hair enthusiasts! Also ran by Lauren Rennells, here you will find all of her vintage hairstyling books, tools geared just for vintage hair and her Bobby Pin Blog, which features plenty of glamour tips and facts from the past.

3. Join a Facebook vintage hair/lifestyle community

When it comes to vintage hair, sometimes the struggle is REAL. It helps to have somewhat of a "support group" who can help guide you along the way! Some of my favorites include:

And if you are a fellow ATX gal:

4. Don't forget about YouTube!

There are SO MANY vintage hair YouTubers that I hardly even know where to start for a recommendation! Honestly, I'd say just give yourself some time to go down that rabbit hole a little bit. However, I'll at least send you off with a few to start with:

And, of course, one thing that can make or break you when first dabbling in vintage hair is having the right haircut for what you are trying to achieve! While I realize not all of my readers may be in Central Texas and able to see me, there are still a number of other vintage hairdressers out there. And even then, while it helps to have the training and eye for vintage styling, the biggest thing you need is a hairstylist you trust that is open to helping you obtain the right cut, specialist or not. My post To Middy or Not to Middy: The Pros and Cons of the Classic Vintage Cut ( might help with the matter!

xoxo Brianna

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