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GRA Fashion Show

Updated: May 26, 2023

I'm a little behind since we put this on back in May (sorry!), but last Mother's Day I organized a vintage themed fashion show as part of a benefit for Girls Rock Austin. It was so much fun and went off without a hitch!

The event was Girls Rock Austin's Mama Slay Mother's Day. The theme was Female British Invasion, including a fun tea service for the patrons to partake in. With the theme, we decided to go with a 1960s aesthetic for our fashion show. The event took place at Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches. The venue was too cute and perfect for the occasion (not to mention the beautiful weather we had that day)!

Our fashion show featured clothing provided by Austin's best local vintage reproduction store, Hempton's Retro Threads. Our models were some of our favorite local vintage gals, pin up models and burlesque babes. My hair and makeup team consisted of friends and colleagues of the industry including Jasmine from Symbolica Salon, Irene from Garbo A Salon and Schylar who is now a student at the Avenue Five Institute. I love that some of our models and talent in the show also happened to be mothers!

(Beth from Hempton's Retro Threads and I)

(Our models from left to right: Ahmei Zhing, Mia, Schylar, Rosie, Lula Mae Day, Cheeky Charlie, Belladonna Darling, Ashton, Bridget, and Something Blue)

It was great to get to pull together as a community for a great cause! My main goal was to bring together folks in the vintage community to create art, self promote and raise awareness/donations for charities. I'm very happy that we got to work with such a wonderful local charity. Thanks to their Executive Director, Jamie Bahr, for putting on the event and inviting us to participate. Girls Rock Austin is a non-organization that is all about empowerment for girls through music. Check them out to find out more about their organization:

Thanks also to our lovely models, and of course our gals helping with hair and makeup. It would not have been possible without a great team. And thanks to Hempton's Retro Threads for their involvement with collaborating the look and providing the garments and accessories for our models! Check out Hempton's Retro Threads for more details on the shop:

I would love to continue doing fashion shows, and perhaps even make them an annual event with more and more involvement in the community each time! If you have any suggestions on local venues, artists, clothing brands or stores that may be of interest for future collaborations, please feel free to send a message!



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